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I am from SG, 18 mths with Swisscash since March 12 2006. Recently joined SIP25 !! Better join now as early investor to gain more profit now.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Latest news from other forum

Latest news which I copied & pasted from Malay forum. The latest word is that leaders in many countries are saying that SC's website is in place, just finalising. So by the first or second week of September 2007, it will be all ready.

As soon as I hear any new news, I'll let you know. In the meantime, be certain that your referrals are not logging in to any phishing sites. The latest word is that leaders in many countries are saying that SC's website is in place, just finalising. So by the first or second week of September 2007." Report by Clubmentor USA.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Domain status and Swisscash news

Latest News From SC Leaders,

(1) SwissCash is now undergoing major maintenance and switching of servers.
(2)SwissCash did not give prior notice to its investors as security reason is cited.
(3) SwissCash is now undergoing rebranding, new enhancement and security.

(4) SwissCash is upgrading to accomdate the growth of its business worldwide.
(5) SwissCash is not lacking in business as many countries are not fully tapped.
(6) SwissCash has been spending millions of dollars in ICT upgrading and security.

(7) SwissCash is not obligated under any transparency act and putting SwissCash in the same basket as other scam programs is totally unaccepted. SwissCash has a vision and mission. What we see is only tip of the iceberg. We just need to wait for a couple of days and hopefully by 25 Aug til 15 SEP the website will be Ok.

Latest news on Swisscash @
Lebanon Swisscash Blog Any comment?


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Swisscash down and latest news

Received a anonymous sms at about 1pm Singapore time. It's from a Singapore mobile number. Swisscash website is currently being ported to new server. Give them some time to stabilize then will be ok. Will feed you more info when i get it. "SC Website currently being posted to new server. Give them some timeto stabilize then will be ok. Last major maintenance lasted 3 days, will info you all.."

I've read in another SC forum about an investor meeting with Mr. BB Ng in Genting Malaysia in May 2007 or June 2007. Invited guest only. One of the attendees asked about the ACF payment in October, and BB Ng said SC would probably only pay 10% in Oct, while the remaining would have to be reinvested into SIP25 plan. BB Ng said SC would have to do so to avoid money-rush which could jeopardize SC into total collapse.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

MY Swisscash future, October ACF shares

Just came across the Yahoo Swisscash group that the 2 most reliable epoints dealers are Serene Chea's group and FuturePoints. Anyway, I have dealt with Serene Chea's group on 3 occasions. Their service is reliable. As for FuturePoint, I may consider their service too.

Right now, I do not have any answer to whether MY will unfreeze blocking and will SC reinstate MY account or not. Even if you go and ask around, nobody knows a freaking thing on MY SC future. In my own view, there is no doubt MY will continue to block SC and censor the webby/blogs relating to HYIPs and unregulated financial investment schemes. Anyway for you information, we have got MY members opening accounts in SG and more will be doing so.

October 2007 is nearng soon. So what's the next course of action my SC members? Below is my ACF shares on hand. Lets pray that SC will release my (or our) shares and covert them to epoints..... $$ in sight :)

Total ACF Shares in Hand : 3921
ACF Nett Profit / Loss : USD 5,214.93

11 August 2007 15:23:15
EMF Buy 2.95 Sell 2.87 Change 0.00 Today High 2.95 Today Low 2.95
ACF Buy 2.33 Sell 2.30 Change 0.00 Today High 2.33 Today Low 2.33


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Latest banking statement and ACF/EMF update

This is the latest banking statement on my US downline. You can see that my US downline have been consistently getting her returns and cashing out the return through wires. I have assist her in 2 occasions as her US dealer is abit slow in withdrawal. Wires took approximately 2 days if I were to do it for her. Nevertheless, her monthly profits is as usual and Swisscash have been going on smoothly at her side.

Swisscash have also introduce the masking of trading IDs by allowing members to use another name. Eg. you create 'Alibaba' to mask your trading id of 'sgccc01304501'. At least nobody use your trading ID for scam purpose and it is easier for members to refer. But I personally won't see the need to change, not where Singapore is concerned.

Another issue is I foresee Malaysia won't be unblocking Swisscash webby. Most of the Malaysian members I came across have been using SG account and using online proxy server of some sort to bypass the Malaysia network (search: Vtunnel). My friend, heed my advice and do it now, register an SG or other countries' account before it's too late.

09 August 2007 03:30:47
EMF Buy 2.84 Sell 2.77 Change +0.01 Today High 2.84 Today Low 2.83
ACF Buy 2.29 Sell 2.27 Change +0.01 Today High 2.29 Today Low 2.28


Recently acquired celestial creature.

Pardon me for not updating my blog frequently as I am bogged down with work and Swisscash stuff. Anyway, let me sidetrack abit as I see it fir to give credit to my celestial creature - the ninth son of the heavenly dragon, Pi Xiu. Recently bought a Pi Xiu from a Fengshui master. Very good craftmanship and the jade is greenish with pigments, which is of top quality. My Pi Xiu will definitely bless me with good luck and fortune. :)

This creature will be invited to my new home next year, so i will be blogging about it again. Oh yes, my wifey have struck lottery recently and that presumably must be her pocket-sized Pi Xiu at work. :)

Don't worry, I will update the latest ACF/EMF stats tonite and the most exciting part is to post the banking telegraphic transfer statement of my US downline !! Stay tuned...


Monday, July 23, 2007

Epoints | Demand and Supply | Pull Factor

Time really passes by so quickly; Am anticpating the coming of 1 October 2007. After the Harry Potter mega launch throughout the world, this is yet another anticipation by Swisscash members only.

I was looking at this Swisscash webby recently. Quite an impressive show with Swisscash appearing in Malaysia, Singapore, China etc... I have been browsing through some interesting Swisscash blogs and advertising sites and it shows most of them only putting up a front to show off their wealth, it's so fake. Those Swisscash members are not really sincere to assist you. And of course, their stuff are still credible. lol... (even saw one of my banking statement in their webby).

I have been getting emails lately, asking about epoints purchases from other countries. What I can say is epoint is in demand in India and China, and US. It has cause some shortage of epoint as demand is quite high. Exchange rate will be quite high too, seemingly the clients buy at a range of SGD$1.55 - SGD$1.60 and sell at SGD$1.50 - SGD$1.53. Preferably those who sign-up will get a lower buy rate at $1.53 instead of $1.55, and I don't guarantee this rate will be there forever. It depends on market fluctuation and supply/demand for epoints.

Next episode: blogging on my downline withdrawal - US sector, stay tuned...

Some good articles to share,

28 July 2007 0.:15:31
EMF Buy 2.57 Sell 2.50 Change +0.00 Today High 2.58 Today Low 2.55
ACF Buy 2.13 Sell 2.11 Change +0.01 Today High 2.14 Today Low 2.12


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SIP25 - All is going fine in Singapore (ACF update 21 July 2007)

I am still getting my usual SIP25 profit every month. I have recently sold my epoints to members too, in my opinion, it is better to sell you epoints then to withdraw. Withdrawing will take more days and incur transaction fee, whereas selling to 3rd parties will be faster and no fee imposed.

Those who wanna sign-up please sign up now as demand for epoints is heating up. Current rate for epoints usually is at S$1.56 - S$1.58 My US downline is withdrawing her epoints as usual. Meanwhile I am helping her to cash out through 3rd parties and wire the funds back to her US account.

Singapore is not affected by any storm brewing in Malaysia. So cashing out of epoints through normal withdrawal mode is not a problem. Am not worried on this part, but I would suggest you look through and whether Swisscash is still for you? If you think it is risker then putting money on 4D, Toto and gambling tables so be it. Different people have different risk appetite. So do think it through. It has been a long journey since March 2006 that I joined Swisscash, with minor hiccups but still going good. :)

Not trying to sweet-talk you into Swisscash. Your money is your money, you just need to think it through and see whether Swisscash is for you? But do take note that you can still earn some $$ if you do ....

21 July 2007 13:04:47
EMF Buy 2.28 Sell 2.22 Change 0.00 Today High 2.28 Today Low 2.22
ACF Buy 1.94 Sell 1.90 Change 0.00 Today High 1.94 Today Low 1.94